SmarTech Publishing Releases New Report on “Huge” Dental AM Opportunity


In 2017, 3D printing went mainstream in the dental industry. A number of high profile business ventures and acquisitions have continued to propel dental applications utilizing 3D printing technologies firmly into the sights of the largest dental services and solutions providers in the world. As the additive industry continues to transition, as a whole, towards manufacturing applications, the growth path for most existing polymer print technologies has faltered somewhat by historical comparison. This has allowed for well established, high value applications in healthcare to really shine and earn major focus of stakeholders in the industry.

Dentists worldwide continue to leverage digital workflows and manufacturing processes, having long since identified that digital dentistry represents the future of the industry. Indeed, 3D printing is well positioned to become the leading digital process in dental fabrication worldwide given its flexibility in efficient and accurate production of everything from dental models, to orthodontic aligners, to PFM restorations, to denture frameworks and beyond.

“[Dentistry] has real potential to become the largest revenue-generating 3D printing market in the world over the next ten years – Dunham goes on – because the technology can be applied thoroughly across many segments from prosthodontics, to orthodontics, to implantology and more. We see the overall dental industry making a production transition which favors 3D printing as a majority digital dental production technology over the next ten years.”

This third dedicated study expands coverage to consider the greater transformative potential of 3D printing in dentistry, which is in better enabling dental treatment by bringing personalized device fabrication closer to the point of care -in the dentist’s office. Included in this comprehensive report are the following:

All in all, this is the most extensive exploration of where the opportunities will be found in additive manufactured dental products in the next decade.  It will be regarded as essential reading for everyone in the value chain for 3D printed products.

SmarTech Publishing Releases New Report on “Huge” Dental AM Opportunity