MyMiniFactory signs first major “official” partnership on 3D printable Angry Birds content


In cooperation with Finnish mobile game publisher and developer Rovio Entertainment, 3D printable object-sharing platform MyMiniFactory is publishing 3D printable files for seven Angry Birds birds from its well-known intellectual property (IP). The 3D printable angry birds mark the first major deal for MyMiniFactory with a global product and company.

In particular, the 3D printable characters are from Angry Birds Evolution, a mobile game, released in June 2016. In the game players can Hatch, collect, and evolve over a 100 all-new Angry Birds characters from the other side of the tracks, and kick the pigs off of Bird Island while you’re at it.

MyMiniFactory is the digital window for as many as 9,000 digital 3D designers from around the world upload, sharing over 45,000 3D printable files. In the past, leveraging a fuzzy scenario for 3D printing popular IP’s, the company has pushed the limits and the boundaries between creativity and copyright infringement, often looking specifically for media attention and free publicity.

Now that MyMiniFactory has “grown up” it may become the go-to place for popular published and IP holders to share 3D printable versions of their products, either for marketing or even as a future business.

As part of this deal, One Angry Birds Evolution character will be released every day over the course of the one-week campaign that started on Monday, May 28th.  The STL files of the seven characters will be available exclusively on MyMiniFactory for a free download. After a while, they will also very likely be available just about everywhere on the web else. But that is that Internet for ya: take it or leave it.

Angry Birds Evolution is a mobile game where a team of evolved superbirds must stop the pesky pigs. Based on the Darwinian concept of ‘survival of the fittest’, every evolution or development unlocks new skills and increases your chances of beating the Pigs. The seven characters released on MyMiniFactory will be Red, Darlene, Carter, Dutch, Matilda, Steve and Zain. MyMiniFactory will also be organising weekly print challenges for registered users where  the best printed bird will win a spool of filament.



MyMiniFactory signs first major “official” partnership on 3D printable Angry Birds content