In today entrepreneurship world, made of patreons, crowdfunding campaigns, investor angels and shameless plugs, often a new project is nothing more than a nice powerpoint presentation.
We want to be different, not just another idea that goes no where, hence why we have approached Extrude making stuff before plugging their idea.

Ways to Support Us

It’s not always about the money!

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Click me!

Spread the “Word”

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool to get an idea out there. We don’t want you to spam your friends and the social media, but if there is anything worth sharing…don’t be shy about it :)!!!


What can we do better?

Bugs are nasty (see the photo?), and we are sure that there is still room for improvement. So, If you have any idea or spot a bug, why don’t you let us know?

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Partnership is the Way…for now at the least

You know what they say: “Teamwork make dream work.”
There is a lot of stuff to do in a project like this: posting articles, online marketing, publish designs, developing, maintaining, organise, events, a YouTube channel etc.
Of course, nothing beats a paid job, but sharing common goals and gaining visibility has it’s perks too…and we hope to turn this into a career section soon enough!

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