Gentle Giant Studios releases Juggernaut mobile 3D scanning systems


Gentle Giant Studios, a 3D Systems-owned photogrammetry company, has launched two new mobile 3D scanning studios. The two systems, the Juggernaut I and Juggernaut II, are marketed at the entertainment industry and offer a fully mobile scanning capabilities.

Within the entertainment industry, 3D scanning can have many uses and applications. For one, production studios can use scanning booths such as the Juggernaut I and II to rapidly capture CGI Digital Doubles, wardrobes and props. Considering that not all films and visual media are produced in a single location, having access to an easy-to-assemble mobile scanning system could be hugely beneficial to the entertainment industry.

The Juggernaut systems fit the bill, as they only take two hours to set up (compared to 2.5 for a more traditional workflow) and can easily be transported to various locations. Both studios are capable of full-frame photogrammetry and are equipped with the company’s proprietary triggering system for the cameras and lights. According to Gentle Giant Studios, the mobile scanning systems are capable of capturing scans with nearly 100% likeness.


With just two hours to set up the Juggernaut systems on location, production companies can reportedly reduce scan times by 96% and data processing times by 80%. Looking at the systems more closely, each mobile scanner is fitted with 150 to 200 cameras—either high-end Canon or Nikon cameras. This array can capture body scans as dense as 100,000,000+ polygons, which makes the technology suitable for Facial Action Coding System (FACS) sessions that are used to create photo-real people and animals on screen.

The quality of the scans is also improved by a Broncolor lighting solution as well as the aforementioned triggering system that enables it to capture simultaneous cross-polarized and specular textures with nearly 100% photorealism.

If you’re struggling to picture a concrete use for the mobile photogrammetry studios, the Juggernaut systems have already been used on a number of film production projects. Gentle Giant Studios itself has a long history of working with the entertainment industry, collaborating on films such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Maleficient 2, and many others.


“I’ve worked with 3D Systems’ Gentle Giant Studios for many years and across many films including the Harry Potter franchise and most recently on Star Wars, Wonder Woman and Men in Black,” commented Pierre Bohanna, an independent costume FX designer. “Their new Juggernaut Mobile Studio is mind bogglingly clever and cutting edge! With this mobile photogrammetry solution, Gentle Giant Studios has solved a number of challenges others have not been able to overcome. The Juggernaut rocks up to stage, on location and talent, wardrobe, and props are scanned in very little time. The data acquired allows me and my team to create wardrobe and props with 100% accuracy.”

Kim Lavery, VES and Global Executive Producer at Gentle Giant Studios, echoed the enthusiasm for the photogrammetry technology, saying: “Our team thrives on innovating with a very high bar of excellence in technology, delivery and with client relationships. Releasing the Juggernauts into the world allows us to do what we love, anywhere, anytime.”

On its website, Gentle Giant Studios sells merchandise for the entertainment industry, based on realistic 3D scans. Notably, it collaborated with automaker Nissan to replicate helmets from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Gentle Giant Studios releases Juggernaut mobile 3D scanning systems for entertainment industry