In recent years, 3d printing has come out of the closet. As a result, it has started to become more and more mainstream. However, while we are still a long way from a Star Trek replicator type of machine, 3d printing has already shown its potential in various sectors, from Medicine to Aerospace. But, has it really made an impact on our everyday life yet? Can we trust 3d products and 3d websites and use them as we would use Amazon or Uber?

The answer is…not yet!

Extrude has a simple mission mind, to change the perception people has of 3d printing.  Today this is seen as cool but still a nerdy niche. We want to provide access to 3d products and services as easy and straightforward as possible.

We envision a future where 3d printing has changed the traditional approach we have to manufacture products. No more big factories, but a decentralized system of small enterprises that collaborate together to produce ‘Just in Time’ / ‘Just enough’ products for people.

Think about a future where you don’t have to produce millions of tons of plastic for packaging that kills wildlife and deplete resources.

A world where creativity can be freely employed for industrial design, fashion, and tech and be accessible to anyone in form of a project or design to reproduce.

A place where the paradigms of ‘working for a living’ and ‘live for work’ can be finally shifted into ‘working to enrich my experience and knowledge as a human being’.

This is the kind of future we, as Extrude, aim at.