Miniature Carousel.

A miniature carousel designed using Sketchup8 (free version), and printed with both Makerware and ReplicatorG on a MakerBot Replicator2. The design is very tolerant of low infill and single shell printing, thus minimizing plastic consumption as well as build time.

I’ve now built four of these, two using Makerware, and two using ReplicatorG. While ReplicatorG did a slightly better job, Makerware was slightly faster. Both worked, albeit with some additional trimming using a modeling knife with the Makerware print.

The first photo is of the Makerware version at .15 layer height and 1 shell. The second photo is of the Makerware version at default medium print settings. As can be seen, decreasing the layer height from the Makerware default medium print settings layer height of .27 to .15 improves the looks, however the build time is increased.

Video of prototype at