COBOD to develop next-gen construction 3D printer for N3XTCON project


COBOD International, the construction 3D printing branch of Danish company 3D Printhuset, has received a grant to put towards developing the next generation construction 3D printer. The grant is part of the N3XTCON project, which itself has over 2 million euros in support from the Innovation Fund Denmark.

In addition to COBOD’s development of a next-gen construction 3D printer, the N3XTCON project also involves participation from materials suppliers, construction companies, architects, building owners, research institutions and universities. The goal of the project is to 3D print a demonstration building in Denmark designed by architect Bjarke Ingels’ BIG Architects firm.

COBOD, known best for its BOD2 construction 3D printer and the 3D printed Bod house in Copenhagen, will de developing a new 3D printer with the deadline of 2021.

“With the first 3D printed building in Europe, The BOD in Copenhagen, living up to all strict European building rules and regulations, we proved that 3D construction printing has the potential to disrupt the construction sector,” commented Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO of COBOD International. “This was further underlined by our partnership with The PERI Group. With this new project, we chase that ambition even further.”

“Since making The BOD we developed the BOD2 printer, an improved version of the BOD1 printer, which we used for making The BOD,” he continued. “We have no doubts that the BOD2 printer is globally the leading 3D construction printer evidenced by the unprecedented hardware speed of 100 cm/second and the fact that we with the BOD2 won the first ever EU tender for a 3D construction printer. However, we need to move on to stay ahead and this project will help us do exactly that.”

The development of the next generation construction 3D printer will advance in close collaboration with research institutions and universities, which will offer their own expertise to create a machine that is more advanced than anything on the market today. In the context of construction 3D printing, research projects and efforts are providing a rich foundation in terms of hardware, materials and construction AM initiatives.

“To stay ahead and to fundamentally disrupt the construction sector, we need to continue developing and create new functionalities for the printers like integral reinforcement solutions, materials control systems etc. Developing such require specialized knowledge, all of which we do not necessarily have,” elaborated COBOD’s Development manager Michael Holm. “We are therefore very pleased that the Innovation Fund Denmark chose to support the development of our next generation printer, which we will do in close co-operation with the leading Danish research institutions and universities to create something truly unique and disruptive.”

Internationally recognized architect Bjarke Ingels’s firm will take charge of the design for the 3D printed demonstration building. The company is behind many stunning and innovative buildings including the recently completed LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, the Danish Maritime Museum in Helsingør, Denmark and others.

It will be interesting to see how the prolific architecture firm utilizes the design freedom afforded by 3D printing to create a design for the N3XTCON building project.

COBOD to develop next-gen construction 3D printer for N3XTCON project