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Check this out, a 3D printed ‘Big Arse Toilet’ that can power a small community

Did you know that there is a World Toilet Day?  Well, apparently there is one on November 19th.
No, I am not joking! it’s a real thing organized by the United Nations as an occasion to promote the fight against sanitation crisis around the World.  SPARK, an architectural design firm with many offices around the World, has introduced the ‘Big Arse Toilet’, a 3D Printed transportable toilet
The firm official announcement stated: “The proposal aims to highlight the urgency of eliminating open defecation as well as the positive benefit of using a natural waste product to create “free” energy for remote communities.”

big arse toilet

The toilet concept is quite ingenious; made from a material made up of bamboo fibers and gum resin, it is designed to sit on top of the 3D printed biogas dome that is placed underground. The biogas produced in the dome fuels a CHP unit that, in combination with pressure and heat, generates electricity. See the picture to have an idea.
The full system (toilet and biogas dome) is designed to be quickly deployed and to adapt, with a few tweaks, to a variety of ecosystems.
Thanks to their lightweight, drones can be used to transport the full item to hard-to-reach locations if necessary, so to be quickly installed. The dome perse has a lifespan of about 10 years, apparently able to generate enough energy to power up a small community with up to eight dwellings.

big arse toilet

The design has the double benefits of tackling India’s sanitation and Hygiene problems in remote areas while also being able to recycle organic waste and turn it into an energy source, converting it into electricity.
Another statement from the company says that: “The proposal aims to focus on the urgency of eliminating open laxation yet because of the positive good thing about employing a natural waste to make “free” energy for remote communities.”